Companies now have a powerful new tool to understand where, how and why consumers buy, how they pay, how much they spend, how their needs and demands are changing, and much more.

Pyxis provides access to the most comprehensive collection of alternative data sources across all major e-commerce channels and geographic markets. We have partnered with more than 50 strategic data providers around the world, to bring you powerful, customizable insights based on millions of shoppers and billions of transactions.

Pyxis uses proprietary algorithms to crunch through those vast stores of data, transforming multiple sources of information into action. The breadth and depth of data, combined with best-in-class accuracy and ease of use, means that you now have a flexible, responsive analytics engine to drive critical decision making.

Companies rely on Pyxis to address a host of key strategic questions about penetration, sales growth, share of sales, promotions, shopper behaviors and demographics, and other critical KPIs.

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How We Work

  1. Find

    We scour the world for the best-in-class alternative data

  2. Clean

    We clean and structure complex data

  3. Deliver

    Deliver Actionable, data-driven insights

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Choose How to Work With Us

Choose How to Work With Us

Custom Insights

Custom analytics projects that leverage: best-in-class datasets, an expert team of experienced analysts, and the resources of a world class consulting firm.

  • 500+ Custom client analytics projects annually
  • Tailored to answer your specific data needs and questions
  • Rapid 2 Day avg turnaround time for custom data

Insights Platform

Powerful visualization data platform that enable clients to access what you need to base critical business decisions on real-time insights.

  • 10+ Market, Product, and Customer Visualizations
  • Instant Access with extensive configuration options available
  • Datafeed Available Includes transaction level data

Why Pyxis?

Why Pyxis?

Depth & Breadth of Data

Pyxis provides differentiated access to 50+ strategic data partners around the world, covering all major e-commerce channels and geographic regions.

Data Reliability

Pyxis applies stringent quality tests to the data, using proprietary algorithms to clean and structure it, and update it continuously

Flexibility & Speed

Pyxis can quickly deploy and configure analytics to meet your specific needs and then work with you to develop answers to your most urgent questions.

Experience & Expertise

Pyxis has worked with more than 500 companies to apply Pyxis-generated insights to a wide range of strategic issues, helping companies make the best choices to win in their respective markets.

By the Numbers

By the Numbers


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Discover how Pyxis can help you